Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rinse, repeat

Another day where I actually took the correct exit for work.  Some days, as I'm driving south on I95, I get to my exit and think "only another 1225 miles to Key West!"

There is a whole lot of BTDT going through my head right now. Please see this post, from almost exact 15 years ago (June 30, 2004).  I'm a big ball of nerves though.  But, it is what it is.  No getting out of it.  As one doctor said "well, the one thing is you can't do nothing" (pretty sure that was a statement on how long we'd been sitting on it - NOT MY FAULT!!).

I've got one long thing to write today, a meeting log for a 4-day meeting.  This most annoying, and the second most bureaucratic part of my job.  Maybe the most, but I think regulatory updates may take that spot.  Anyway, after I get this one, I'm leave for the day.  Kyle wants to go out to dinner, and our work schedules are such that we can't do that unless I take leave.  So I am.  I have too much leave as it is.  Which probably isn't a bad place to be, all things considered, right now.  I'm sitting on 6 months of sick leave and another 2.5 weeks of leave that is use-it-or-lose-it by the end of the year.


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