Saturday, July 13, 2019


Someone pointed out it had been awhile. Sorry! No news is good news :-)

My return to the land of the living continued and I had a pretty normal week. Worked all week. Went out last night and almost made it to the end of the show, but sadly, my legs gave out. Not sure if that was chemo or just being too old for standing room only shows. Rob Thomas at the Anthem in DC. Great show! My night was made even better when the lead singer of my favorite local band send me a personal video rendition of a song. It made all the ladies jealous. So sweet. Even though it kind of annoys me that it’s a big enough deal for something like that. But I can’t complain :-) cause it almost made me cry.

In the side effects world, I’m fairly certain my red blood cell count is tanking. With, from what I’ve read, things bottom out around days 14-21, right where I am. Nothing major, just cramping in my legs, elevated pulse, and stairs are really annoying. I’ll do bloodwork on Wednesday and find out.

Also, I have a weird rash on my arms, but I was at my dermatologist on Tuesday (to take care of a keratosis) and she gave me some steroid cream, which is helping. Plus there is this weird blister-like red spot on my palm. She kind of shrugged and said “chemo does that,” with no advice. My oncologist was a bit stumped by it too. He mentioned something pretty uncommon, which made me say “that’s probably it, leave it to me to get the weird thing that shouldn’t happen.”

Other fun over sharing from my appointment:
Me:  If I have to give myself an enema on my birthday I’m gonna be pissed!
Oncologist: What if someone else gives it to you... you know, a gift!

So yeah... I just admitted how bad it got last time. Going to do my damnedest to not repeat that! I want to spent my birthday on a beach, not laying on the couch bc I literally can not sit.

And finally, not sure I’ve shared this part. The schedule is every 3 weeks. Thursday/Friday and the a shot for my immune systems on Saturday. I think we are doing 3 cycles, maybe 6. I should get that clarified at some point. And then maybe radiation. Still torn on that, but I’ve done the prework so I can. But I figure it’s not too late to change my mind. Best odds with it, but late effects (lung cancer, breast cancer, heart attacks) suck. Kill me now or kill me later...


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