Thursday, June 06, 2019

Port #2

I had a port last time. The insertion surgery was horrible. You can read about toward the bottom of the June 2004 page.   This time was marginally better. I was out good before they started cutting. I’ve learned to ask for the motion sickness patch before any anesthesia, so I didn’t get carsick on the way home this time. Unfortunately, I still have 5 lbs of boob pulling on the incision site. But at least this doctor (or his female PA) understands this isn’t OTC pain killer, so I have fresh Percocet.

I went to work today, even though the surgery was yesterday and I probably could have used it as an excuse. I did have to raid the first aid kit for tylonol midday (bc I’m not taking Percocet at work!). But it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve sent messages to my Hopkins doctor asking for a time frame as to when my case will go up to their tumor board. But no response. I thought it was last week, or maybe this week. But we’ve heard nothing. So maybe next Tuesday? I wish someone would just give me a time line?  I’ve got most of my life on hold right now, waiting. I have plans I need to make, and really want to know when I will know something.

Last week, I went for my annual skin check. They sliced off a callous-type thing. Biopsy came back as keratosis. Dermatology considers it precancerous, and said about 1 in 100 turn into squamous cell carcinoma. She was trying to be so upbeat on the phone downplaying the odds while also saying they need to do a bit more to it. I think is kind of surprised her by just laughing. 1% chance? Ha! I’m dealing with coming up in the 0.66% chance in the Hodgkin’s world right now. 1% seems pretty high to me. She said it has to wait a few weeks anyway, and could go a month or more. So once the rest of things gets sorted out and scheduled, that’ll be on the list. Good times!


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If nothing else, my company's approved oncology drug is for squamous cell carcinoma. Though I really hope you won't need it.

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