Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Follow up

Today was a good day! I got up at 6am so that I could make a 9am appointment in Alexandria, VA with my first oncologist. It went really well.

So, he walks in, glances at me, glances down at the papers in his hands, and looks back at me and says “I know you...” I did have to remind him of my history and why he knows me, but one we got passed that (and the fact my regular oncologist is the ex husband of the Dr K he knows), it went great.

Long story short, he totally agreed with my immunotherapy hesitations. Basically, why try something unproven when there are perfectly good, proven options.  And he grimaced when I said that ipi scares me. So, he gets that, too. And to be honest, he was trained at Hopkins, he knows everyone there, I totally expected him to be selling me on the Hopkins plan (which I could have used, too). But nope, he said that wasn’t right for me.

So, he was a bit conflicted about the exact cocktail. Definitely brentuximab, but there was a question about mixing it with drugs I’ve had before (which involves math to calculate how much of my lifetime dose I’ve had) or mixing with a new drug. But said either one is a good path. Plus radiation.


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