Friday, June 28, 2019


Ugh. Today was short, in and out in an hour. Just a second dose of the nitrogen mustard derivative. WWII FTW! And no steroids. I feel like I’ve been poisoned. Oh yes, I have been. Cause that’s chemo, poison the cancer and stop shy of toxicity in the person.

To give you a picture of how much energy I have, my water bottle has a straight straw in it, which I am finding is way too much effort. So last night I ordered reusable straws with a bend in them, and am now super annoyed the package hasn’t shown up yet. It’s been out for delivery, one stop away, all afternoon. Total #firstworldproblem.  The again, it’s fitting, since as I proved on Twitter, Hodgkins in #spoiledbratcancer. How’d I get that? When you look for epidemiological correlations, you get few siblings, no preschool, upper middle class childhood and late EBV/mono exposure.  Ergo: spoiled brat cancer. Which I find fitting considering how much my mother called me a spoiled brat growing up, but that’s an old post I actually took down years ago.

So anyway, this has been my position for the past 2 days. Plus or minus some potty breaks and water bottle refills. At least it’s a nice view. Add in my Hawaiian shirts, and I can almost believe it with this heat and humidity. Definitely the leeward islands.


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