Friday, June 28, 2019


Not bad. I’ve had worse lol

Bad based on one day, I suspect my heartburn is going to come back with vengeance. Luckily, I still have the massive bottle of tums from before I got it under control a few years ago.  I was up every 3 hours last night to grab some. Since I go back today, I’ll be asking about zantec.

And I think I got some little hives last night. They could have been mosquito bites, but there wasn’t a “bite” size bumped. And then Benadryl knocked them out. Usually I need zyrtec for mosquitoes.

I spend most of the afternoon in my hammock. Because I could. I almost logged in to work,  but decided I could actually not. Even if I’m a bit annoyed at myself to hear my work product has dropped to about average. That’s not me! And there is a part of me that like saying “dude, what’s *your* excuse?” Or at least thinking it. I did have to have a conversation with a team member this week on getting some stuff done. I asked why it hadn’t been done yet, then wisely backed off with “why isn’t important. When and how we move forward is.”  See, I can be nice!

More nitrogen mustard compounds today. Blech. However, I think sweating it out works as a mosquito repellent! Pretty sure DEET is a safer, cheaper option. But whatever. I was noticing bugs weren’t bothering me yesterday, and smelled me arm. It smelled funny. Kyle confirmed that when he got home. We couldn’t place the smell, not sweaty BO, but not normal. I think is scared the bugs away. Wonder how long it lasts...


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