Sunday, April 22, 2007

In honor of Earth Day

I prefer to write on topic based blogs. The general "life update" things are not for me. I started this as a source of information while dealing with Hodgkins. That phase of my life is, or at least it better be, over.

Therefore, I am moving on.

I'm still tweaking the new blog, and we haven't even closed on the house yet. But, its about ready to at least be released to my friends and family. Maybe, someday, the world.

There may be occasional updates here, but they will be rare. Unless the cancer resurfaces. But I've made it through the first two years, which are the most likely to have reccurance. I'm not out of the woods, but my doc doesn't want to see me as much anymore and I've long been given the all-clear to restart my life.


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