Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hi from El Paso!!

I guess its been awhile since I updated. I suck. But I've been waiting until I had something to update with. Instead, I'm updating from a hotel room in El Paso b/c I'm bored.

We moved back in January. We lived about 90 miles north of where we use to live (and no where near El Paso). Still in the I-95 corridor, but slightly more small-townish. Not completely rural - thats the next county up. I've discovered that as much as I hate the vast numbers of people that go along with a large-metropolitan area, I like to be near stuff. Grocery stores. Book stores. Targets. Things like that. So, we are looking for a house in the slightly more crowded, but still not a major metro area. We actually made an offer on a house, but it doesn't look like its going to work out. So we are still looking.

The new job is... well... different. Its a whole new beast. I feel very overwhelmed and out of my league. I'm sure I am not, but at the moment I still don't speak the language. I can tell it really was time for a change, as I'd gotten very comfortable where I was. Maybe too comfortable, as evidenced by how I feel like such a fish out of water. I do miss lots of stuff about my old job. I really miss my coworkers, they are awsome! And I miss some of my projects. Despite how much I grew to loath a certain project that became far to political, I find myself tracking the status of it as it progresses. At least as much as I can from the outside world; luckily, through the joys of FOIA and such, I can track some of it. I still find myself hoping (and questioning if) this was a good move. This move was meant to let me grow professionally, and as a quality of life move, too. So I still think it was good. I just need to understand it all before I will believe it. And its not like I can go back anyway - we sold out house and can't afford to buy anything in the area again. LOL

And to leave you on a funny note, I was attacked my a ficious agave plant today. It drew blood!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record, your old (not age) co-workers miss you a lot too! We even talked about your blog at the last div birthday party! As much as we would love to have you back, we don't wish this place on you again. Moral very low, almost as low as the budget ;0

Enjoy your new stage in life and keep in touch with us!

7:56 AM  

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