Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hi from El Paso!!

I guess its been awhile since I updated. I suck. But I've been waiting until I had something to update with. Instead, I'm updating from a hotel room in El Paso b/c I'm bored.

We moved back in January. We lived about 90 miles north of where we use to live (and no where near El Paso). Still in the I-95 corridor, but slightly more small-townish. Not completely rural - thats the next county up. I've discovered that as much as I hate the vast numbers of people that go along with a large-metropolitan area, I like to be near stuff. Grocery stores. Book stores. Targets. Things like that. So, we are looking for a house in the slightly more crowded, but still not a major metro area. We actually made an offer on a house, but it doesn't look like its going to work out. So we are still looking.

The new job is... well... different. Its a whole new beast. I feel very overwhelmed and out of my league. I'm sure I am not, but at the moment I still don't speak the language. I can tell it really was time for a change, as I'd gotten very comfortable where I was. Maybe too comfortable, as evidenced by how I feel like such a fish out of water. I do miss lots of stuff about my old job. I really miss my coworkers, they are awsome! And I miss some of my projects. Despite how much I grew to loath a certain project that became far to political, I find myself tracking the status of it as it progresses. At least as much as I can from the outside world; luckily, through the joys of FOIA and such, I can track some of it. I still find myself hoping (and questioning if) this was a good move. This move was meant to let me grow professionally, and as a quality of life move, too. So I still think it was good. I just need to understand it all before I will believe it.

And to leave you on a funny note, I was attacked my a ficious agave plant today. It drew blood!


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