Friday, December 22, 2006

So surreal

Today was my last day in the office. I'm offically on the payroll for another two weeks, but I turned in my badge, my keys, and my fob. My computer was taken. I have my personel folder (and lets not get into that ordeal). I said my goodbyes. That was hard. I'll miss a lot of folks there. But, its time to move on. And it will be good. Yay!!

We have been househunting. Its been quite fun. We fell in love with one house, but we can't make an offer on it right now, so we are just kind of waiting and taking a break for the holidays. We thought everyone else would be too, but we have folks coming to look at our place tonight and again tommorow! Who would have thunk it?! Maybe someone wants to put in an offer for Christmas!

Since I probably won't post again before the holidays - Merry Christmas everyone!!!

And, since I was tagged... my five favorite Christmas songs...
1) God rest ye merry gentleman - the Barenaked Ladies version
2) The little drummer boy - with David Bowie & Bing Crosby
3) Baby its cold outside (any older version, I heard a messed up recent R&B version that was horrid!)
4) Snoopy & the red baron (Its on the Merry Christmas Snoopy CD, so it counts!)
5) Sleigh Ride (it always makes me think of high school band, how everyone knew it be heart, and how Mr Wade would push us to play as fast as possible during rehersals. Good times!)


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