Friday, October 27, 2006


I can't seem to find your comment, but luckily your question was emailed to me too.

I don't think my Rayunad's has improved. Its only recently gotten cold enough here to tell, and I guess after 2 years, I've learned to wear gloves outside whenever the temp it below 50. I've only had one episode so far this year, and that was a few weeks ago. We will see if the winter brings it back. I tend to forget about it during the summer. Some folks get it so bad they can't reach into the freezer. Mine doesn't seem that bad. Just annoying in the winter. My doctor has never said much about it. Just a general acknowledgement that its his fault and wear some gloves.

And, I have to ask... you would happen to be from east TN? Like a small town near Knoxville? That would just be too freaky LOL


Anonymous sjp said...

I actually am from Knoxville. I did not really notice my hands much last year when I was in Memphis and Knoxville b/c it does not get cold as often, but now that I am in the North I have noticed it. I don't have any problems with freezers or fridge or anything like that...but when I am outside even if I am only out for a minute or two. I guess I need to start wearing gloves more! Thanks for your reply, I think I accidently posted the comment under an old post.

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