Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random eBay find

Being a child of the 80s, I have some vague recollections of the Savings & Loan scandals of the era. What I remember slightly more vividly is the grand mansion just across the lake from my home town. It was huge. It was austentaious. It sat up on the hill, overlooking the lake, and could be seen from the lakeside park and marina. It was built by Jake Butcher. Paid for by his fraudelent banking transactions. I bearly remember Jake Butcher and the way he went down, but I do remember stories about the house. It was a huge monstosity. It sat vacant for year. Its too big for a single family, too poorly designed for use as a B&B or resort, and just an all around useless property. But, as a kid, we all dreamed of what it would be like to live in that home, to run down the hill to the lake, to have all those rooms.

Well, the house is now available on eBay

If only I had a spare million or five laying around. I'd convince Gypsy and her man to come up and we could run a luxurious resort. She'd provide the chef, I'd provide the maintence and fishing lesson man. We could market it as a getaway for Nashville and/or Hollywood stars, since there would be no paparazzi in east Tennessee.

And, for another 2 hours and 19 minutes, K and I will sit here, staring at the lottery ticket, dreaming of what could be.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Southern Quiz?

The other day Gypsy and I were chatting about southern culture. I think I'm from the redneck/hick southern culture while she is from more of the Souther Belle/Old South. So I;m stealing a quiz from Janet to check.

Southern Survey:
1. Have you ever gone muddin'? No (K says yes)
2. Have you ever lived on a dirt/gravel road? no
3. Ever been swimming in a lake or river? All the time growing up, I dream of it nightly
4. Ever been to a bonfire party? Yes. Many many times. And K and are are contemplating how to best construct a fire pit in our next backyard.
5. Have you ever driven a tractor? No
6. Have you ever been on a horse? Yes, but only once since I was 10
7. Ford or Chevy? Toyota. I might be a southerner, but I'm a liberal one. (K says Ford, even though he owns a Toyota)
8. Kissed someone in a pick up? Yes (and maybe even more ;-)
9. Whats your favorite country song? Does Strawberry Wine count? (K says "Let Get Drunk and Screw")
10. Ever done 90 miles per hour down a dirt road? probably no more than 60
11. Worked / Lived on a farm? no
12. Been to a rodeo? Yes
13. Do you own cowboy boots? No (K says yes, but he never wore them)
14. Do you have a cowboy hat? Never
15. Have you ever said git r done? I left the culture 12 years ago, that is too new (K says yeah, but I'm not proud of it)
16. Country skyline or a city skyline? Mountains
17. Can you name a rodeo star? no
18. Do you think tractors are sexy? not really
19. Ever rode a 4-wheeler? Yes. But it was for my job! Here! In the city!
20. Are you from the country? Technically no, but it was near some really rural areas
21. If so, are you proud of it? I would be
22. Gone hunting? No
23. Gone fishing? Yes, since I was about 5
24. Is your heart in dixie? Liberal tendency keep me from using the word Dixie... but yeah
25. Been on a hay ride? Yes
26. Have you ever line danced? Unfortunatly
27. Camped under the stars? Many times
28. Have you ever been cow tippin? No, I was a bit of a goodie goodie (K says yes)
29. Do you drive a pick up truck? occasionally
30. Fell asleep in a hay stack? no, but I have slept in a barn after a night of drinking Pabst and there was hay
31. Own a pair of overalls? yes
32. Drank Moonshine? yes, but mostly on a dare
33. Include the word "yonder" in your daily vocabulary? not daily, but I have used it
34. Ever shoveled manure? no
35. Milked a cow? no
36. Plucked a chicken? no
37. Is sweet tea your favorite drink? YES
38. Been to a race? yes
39. Know all the words to at least one David Allen Coe song? I hate to admit this, but yes. Let me explain! I know "Please Come to Boston" Not sure who wrote it, but David Allen Coe did a version of it.
40.Have you ever made out in a back of a pick-up? see #8
41. Boat: bass, power, or sail? We own a bass, want a power. No clue how to sail

Sunday, August 20, 2006