Thursday, June 29, 2006

So you heard about the rain in DC?

Even poor Bugsy have been affected. Look at that little pout.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

100 Things

Jumping on the bandwagon

1. I was born in Tennessee
2. I spent the first 18 years of life there
3. I stayed in the same school system from kindergarten through high school
4. I moved to Virginia for college
5. Despite moving out of state, there were a couple folks at my college that I had been in kindergarten with.
6. I’ve lived in various parts of Virginia for the past 14 years
7. In fact, I’ve lived my entire life within a 4 hour drive of Blacksburg, VA
8. I’d live the rest of my life in Blacksburg if I could
9. I grew up within a couple miles of several nuclear reactors
10. I never knew exactly what my father did
11. He made trips to Nevada a lot
12. I would love to live on a lake
13. I miss the lake, especially in summer
14. We own a boat
15. Its more like a dingy
16. Its still been a pain in the ass
17. I’ve never met my biological parents
18. When I was 16, a Russian palm reader told me I had already met my husband, he was younger than me, but I wouldn’t get married until I was older – close to 30 (which at 16 seemed ancient!)
19. I married my high school sweetheart
20. But not the guy I was dating when I saw the palm reader
21. Though I had already met him
22. Our first kiss was in 1991, in the front yard of a friend’s house
23. We broke up after my freshman year of college
24. He would say it was really a few months before that – like about the time he fired me (we worked together when I was at home)
25. We both moved to the DC area within a month of each other in 2001
26. We both broke up with our previous fiancés in May 1999
27. He doesn’t believe in fate, and I never get sick of telling our story
28. I was 31 when we got married
29. I had cancer
30. It sucked
31. I lost my hair
32. I’m ok now
33. I still smoke
34. I hate visiting my oncologist because of that
35. I love visiting my oncologist because he talks like Luka Kovach from ER
36. I like to sit in boats, my husband likes to fish – it works well for us
37. I hate to cook
38. I’m sitting here writing this while he is chopping veggies for dinner
39. It must be love
40. I’ve been to every state each of the Mississippi except Wisconsin.
41. I’m not sure if I should go to Wisconsin just to say I’ve been there
42. I want to go to Alaska
43. We had our tickets to go back in 2004, but #27 got in the way
44. I’ve been to Canada, Costa Rica, and a few Caribbean Islands, but that’s it outside the US.
45. I want to go to Turkey and Morocco.
46. Marrakech fascinates me
47. I love to watch Globe Trekker
48. I admire Ian Wright and his backpacking ways. Sometimes I imagine he is my guy and we travel like that. Then I realize he probably smells. I don't think he showers much on his trips.
49. After our trip to Costa Rica, I’m a bit scared to travel outside the country
50. One place we stayed had bed bugs
51. So I live vicariously through Globe Trekker
52. In some ways, I want to be more adventurous
53. But I like to be safe
54. Its my job to keep people safe
55. And I’m a creature of habit
56. And I’m one of the more adventurous folks in my department
57. Today, I was discussing why kerosene is better for starting bonfires than gasoline – from experience
58. And a lot of my “stupid things people do with fireworks” stories are from experience
59. I twirled flags for over 10 years
60. I love it
61. It gave me chronic wrist tendonitis
62. I met my husband at band camp
63. When people ask how we met, I love saying “this one time, at band camp”
64. I was also involved in theater in high school
65. I worked lights
66. I chipped my collar bone tripping over the cherry picker leg extenders while carrying gel frames
67. The leg extenders were for safety – to prevent tip overs
68. Mine was the only injury they ever had from the cherry picker
69. I use to be a news junkie, but I’m getting sick of it
70. It seems it always the same crap
71. I turn the news off every time they talk about Iraq
72. I have, however, started watching Countdown with Keith Oberlin
73. Its much better than the network news
74. I won’t join myspace, I’m nervous of who might find me
75. But I created an account for my husband, just to see what the fuss was about
76. I have two cats
77. My former roommate has the only dog I can tolerate – Rusty
78. I love to stare at the stars
79. I miss being able to stay up all night and watch the stars
80. I hate having to get up at 6am
81. I can play bridge or poker all night
82. I last a lot longer with bridge though, I run out of money with poker
83. I hate living in my tiny house with no yard, no place to park the boat, no lake in my backyard, and 30 miles from my office
84. Despite our combined income being well above median, we can’t afford to move anywhere closer
85. I’ve been trying to exercise more
86. I kept it up for 2 weeks
87. I started slacking off after a bad experience with a van pulling up beside me and opening the passenger door
88. I’m scared to walk around our neighborhood by myself now
89. We live in a very safe neighborhood
90. My mother would compliment and/or encourage me in this sing-songy voice that seemed patronizing. Usually she had just yelled or would start yelling at me within 30 minutes
91. I have a very hard time taking compliments and encouragement. I have a hard time believing the person in sincere and tend to take any compliment or encouragement as patronizing.
92. I was in a fraternity in college
93. My best friends, to this day, came from my years there
94. The last time I thought I made a new friend who wasn’t from college, she stopped talking to me, I don't know why.
95. I drive a Subaru
96. My license plates say RUBYTUE
97. People think I like Ruby Tuesday’s, but I hate their food.
98. They look at me weird when I explain its my internet persona
99. I’ve always wanted to be a crunchy hippy (or at least dress like one)
100. But really, I wear khakis and polos.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Graduation Kyle

Kyle's graduation present arrived Saturday. Leading to a weekend of this:

The good news (for me) is that we got Tekken Tag, so I can join him. And, since we are grownups now, we finished our chores before we played today.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Small spaces, lots of plants

I have a new digtial camera. Yay! I sort of needed a new one. Kind of. Not really. The old one was mostly functional. It just didn't like cheap batteries and had a slight problem when you zoomed in. It was tolerable, but big. What it comes down to it I really *wanted* a small camera. I also want a spiffy DSLR camera, but I'm not sure I can justify it. I really, really want that, but I just don't know if I will use it enough. So, it may just have to wait until I can justify it.

Since there isn't much exciting going on to test it, I went out to take garden pictures. For those who don't know, my house is 15 feet wide, and my proxy, my backyard is 15 feet wide. Its probably about 20 feet long. Most of it is brick patio. But, I think Kyle has done well making the rest very green (albeit slightly overgrown, but we like it that way). So I will now walk you through the garden, plant by plant.

Here is an overview of our yard:

Next, I will introduce you to my herbs. I have lettuce leaf basil, cilantro, dill, and lime basil. There is a sweet basil plant elsewhere.

I bought the lettuce leaf basil because it was the only basil plant I found that seemed like normal basil. I didn't know I should have been looking for "sweet basil." I just went by smell, and it smelled like basil. I have since learned why it is called "lettuce leaf." For comparisons sake, I have included a empty can of the most tasty (and addictive) beverage.

Next, you shall see out snow peas. They were beautiful. I planted them in mid-march and they grew so well. We were getting tasty peas. Then, summer showed up with avengence. On the first 90 degree day, they keeled over. I guess "snow" peas and "hot, humid dc" do not agree.

In front of the snow peas, we have my oak leaf hydranga. After three years of patiently waiting, this is the first year it has bloomed! Next to it, we have the hosta from hell. Every year, we divide it and give half away. Every year, it gets this big again! The cats love it. They sit under the leaves. There is actually a cat down there in the picture. I didn't realize it until later.

Moving further to the right, we have a bed of random things that came up from seed (or bulb), followed by our water feature and some peppers (that also came up from seed). Clearly, our compost bin is not sterilizing seeds properly. But, its all good. As this point, we are not sure what kind of peppers they will be. Probably bell, but jalepeno and bananna are options.

Now, for comparison, I give you "sweet basil."

Next, we have three tomatos, two sunflowers, and some jalapeno peppers.

Finally, we have our two tree seedings and the catnip. The cats will not let the catnip grow, and for some reason we cannot find any catnip plants at the nursery.

There are a few more plants, but perhaps I will save them for another day. I will end with details on our water feature. It has been an adventure. It was much larger with fish. But, all the fish died. We tried again, with less sucess. So, we decided against fish and made it into a waterfall. That worked for about a year, then it clogged. So now its a fountain. We had it set up so it was squirting out from under the gnome. Hey, little boy peeing fountains are the rage in Europe, we just have a stylized gnome peeing. But, something recently happened, and he doesn't pee anymore. I think we lost a plug, but the water just goes straight up and everywhere. Oh well, Kyle will fix it.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My 15 minutes

I made the AP wire today. Not by name. But the conclusions of my reports went out on the AP wire. In the interest of maintaining some annoniminity, I'm not posting the link. But, if you know me, go to google news and search for my agancy name and the powered, wheeled product I work on.

The strange thing is I have very mixed feelings about it.