Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is this week over yet

I just want to curl into a little ball and wish it all away.

We are remodeling the kitchen. With only 950 sq ft and no basement or garage - our house is trashed, we are about 3 days behind schedule, we go back to work tommorow, and its 6:30 pm on Sunday and we have no appliances. Oh, and after we got the cabinets installed, they are the wrong color. Didn't notice til we went to put the doors on. Oh well, guess we are just going to have these.

Some nosy neighbor is pissed about Kyle's work truck. She called his office and treatened to have it towed. Oh, and she had the nerve to come talk to us, introduce herself, ask about the truck, then didn't mention she was pissed about it and wanted it towed. No, she waiting til the next morning, then called his boss. Luckily, the boss just laughed, but kindly asked that we not let it get towed. And should I mention that we were carrying a wall when she talked to us. A whole wall. With studs and drywall. Carrying it to the truck. Was it not obvious we were, umm, USING the tools in the construction vehicle.

And to add icing to the cake, my bank has frozen 90% of my assest. For some stupid fucked up identity theft thing from 3 years ago. Just this week they decided they didn't trust me anymore, and could I kindly take my buisness elsewhere. Another bank, rather than reporting an account I didn't open as identity theft, they reported it as fraud. Great... I've been to the police, a lawyer, and spend countless hours on the phone trying to fix this. Its not. I can't take my buisness elsewhere until this is fixed, and I can't get to my money until its elsewhere.

On the plus note, I read The Cider House Rules this week (I needed a distraction). What a great book!


Blogger Gypsy said...

You've just been getting the shit end of the stick this week, haven't you? Just think how wonderful it will be to cook... er... for Kyle to cook in your new kitchen.

3:49 PM  

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