Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Spring

Spring has finally sprung in the DC area. Its been 70 for two days straight. I'm wearing a tank top and shorts. I planted my snow peas, and I'm about to go clean up the planting beds. Its too early to plant anything besides peas, but with the nice weather, the leaves and last year's vines aren't looking to hot.

Feburary is such a short, dark, dank, depressing month. Usually by Feburary, Kyle and I have cabin fever and are at the peak of winter depression. It makes for a rough month. But by the end, the crocuses sprout and I start getting home from work before dark (still dusk, but not dark). Then, the first nice weeked comes around and all it right with the world. The windows are open, the cars are washed, the roses are pruned, the grass gets its preemergant treatment (which we hope isnt too late), and things start looking up. Unfortunatly, its not warm enough for my bread to rise. I'm still using the winter trick of wrapping it up with an electric blanket.


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