Thursday, March 30, 2006

Now its the cat's turn to have medical issues

My poor little Bugsy.

She was a rescue. My officemate found her and her sister (Jerry) in a box tossed in a ditch. The office mate kept Jerry (Garcia), I took (Bruce) Springsteen - who turned into Busgy when he wasn't a she. Here she is at 3 1/2 weeks old, when I was still bottle feeding her.

Now she is a big old 5 year old sweetie. Well, we think she is a sweetie. Really, she is a meanie. She likes to snuggle - on her terms. And she has been known to take a swipe or bite with little to no warning. Lately, she has taken to swiping at us when we walk within 2 feet of her chair. That should have been my clue. But, I thought it just meant her teeth were bothering her. See, it seems she was born with some horrible kitty teeth genes. She has a dental every year, and had 4 teeth pulled when she was 3. They thought she had FeLV, since that was the only logical explaination why a 3 year old cat would have such horrible teeth.

So anyway, fast forward to Monday. I took her in for her annual dental. I went to work, but kept my cell phone with me all day. About 10:30am it goes off while I am in a meeting. I excuse myself by explaining my cat dentist was calling. That gathered laughs. The mood changed when I walked back in, almost in tears. My poor Bugsy-Boo had a broken jaw!

There were no other signs of trauma, so its unclear how it happened or how long it had been like that. She had been eating, so either it was a long time and she got use to it or it was recent and not too bad. But either way, I felt like a horrible cat mom. However, upon doing some research, I discovered that sometime bad teeth can lead weak jaw bones that can fracture easily. So that makes me feel like it might not be my fault.

So now, my little kitty has her jaw wired together (across the bottom, not top to bottom). She has to take antibiotics, which is not to easy to do normally, let alone with a kitty with a broken jaw. It kind of means you can't pry the jaw open out of pity. *sigh*

But, the good news is that its healing now. And that after about 36 hours of shunning us, she seems to have come around to wanting to snuggle again.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

On blog reading

I have a huge list of blogs I read semi-regularally. Old friends (e.g.Joy, Dammit), Friends of Friends (e.g.MissS), Internet Friends (e.g.Sue, Boogs, G), and family Rachel. But the ones I read most often and most intently are cancer blogs. Despite how I try to pretend it never happened,* I am still drawn to other stories. I follow their stories despite not knowing anything about them, other than they have cancer. Some has blogs like mine, intended to keep people they know up to date. Some have blogs that obviously their friends and familes don't read. It always amazes me when I stumble across a blog that links back to mine, since I live in this illusion that no one much follows it. But, 10,000 viewers can't be wrong, eh? I don't, however, live under the assumption I'm as well read as Rae or Louise. :)

Anyway, the point of the seemingly pointless rambling - I follow cancer stories the most, and the stories move me. Sometimes to tears. Terrie's passing, a year ago this week, was the first one that really hit me hard. She was dianosed a couple months prior to me. I had been on the Hodgkin's list with her. She is missed. And then, in my weekly Sunday night blog reading, I read Amanda's post from last Sunday. I can't get it out of my mind. I think I need to put down this computer and go hug my husband - who is sitting in front of his computer 10 feet away, but directly above me. Seperated by floor joists and drywall. I love you Kyle. Now lets get off the computers.

* I was trying to explain my thoughts on my cancer expierence to ThePoet earlier this week. Its complicated. I think I confused her. But, keep her in your thoughts. Her mom is going through some nasty chemo right now.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Further proof I am impossible to please

'Tis the season...

The season for invitations to all the happy parties celebrating new life stages. I'm now sitting on invites for 2 baby showes, 1 bridal shower, and a wedding. Well, one baby shower invite hasn't actually arrived yet, but I know its coming.

The invites came addressed to:
Ruby Maidenname
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Newlastname
Ruby Newlastname

The first one annoyed me because they thought they knew me well enough to invite me to a shower, they missed the fact I am married now.

The second one, although techincally proper, annoyed me because it dropped my name. Me?! How can they forget me! I'm not Kyle. I'm not Mrs. Kyle. I'm me!

The third one annoyed me on principle, because I'm still not 100% at ease with this Newlastname thing. I still have bank accounts that don't know and refuse to tell my coworkers my new name.

Clearly, no one can win in this situation.

(by the way, this is not meant to mean anything toward the folks celebrating the new life stages. Just my own issues.)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Spring

Spring has finally sprung in the DC area. Its been 70 for two days straight. I'm wearing a tank top and shorts. I planted my snow peas, and I'm about to go clean up the planting beds. Its too early to plant anything besides peas, but with the nice weather, the leaves and last year's vines aren't looking to hot.

Feburary is such a short, dark, dank, depressing month. Usually by Feburary, Kyle and I have cabin fever and are at the peak of winter depression. It makes for a rough month. But by the end, the crocuses sprout and I start getting home from work before dark (still dusk, but not dark). Then, the first nice weeked comes around and all it right with the world. The windows are open, the cars are washed, the roses are pruned, the grass gets its preemergant treatment (which we hope isnt too late), and things start looking up. Unfortunatly, its not warm enough for my bread to rise. I'm still using the winter trick of wrapping it up with an electric blanket.