Saturday, January 14, 2006

Busy weekend

Poor Redskins. :(

We just got back from seeing Eddie from Ohio at the Birchmere. Great show! You may recall I mentioned back in September that Julie was diagnosed with brest cancer. Well, the band is back, and they were great! I only wish I could have looked as good as Julie does bald. Julie looked awsome! Melissa Etheridge looked awsome! I was all bloated from steriods and it just didn't work for me. LOL Anyway, the show was great! Mike has shaved his head on solidarity. Robbie, well, he has always been bald. The odd thing, at least odd compared to the other 9-ish times - there was a lot more religon. Two full out gospel tunes. I've heard them sound gosel before - acapella w/ gospel-like harmonies - but I can't recall ever having so much religion in the show. 'Twas different, and kind of unexpected. They have always been feel good rocking folky, but... well... I've been seeing them since they were a bar band. And I guess they have grown up out of the bar band. They all have kids, 3 of the 4 are married, and perhaps Julie's cancer played into it. Not that it matters, it was just different, the show still kicked ass!

Oh, and we are off to Vegas tommorow. YAY!!


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