Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why I don't cook (much)

The recipe is fairly simple. And very, very yummy! I use Jiffy cornbread mix (what can I say, I'm a southern girl at heart) and add a can of corn and a little sugar (again, southern gal), and then make it as directed. I'm making it for my office potluck Holiday party tomorrow. Since I didn't really want to pay for 4 cans of oysters (I'm doubling the recipe), I used sausage instead. It should be yummy. But now, onto the reason behind K being the family cook.

Note: "Prep Time:45 Minutes"

I started at 7:15, its now 8:55 and I am not quite to step 4 (it was break time). In the process, I have dirtied:
1 skillet
1 cutting board
1 muffin pan
1 set of measuring spoons
1 9x9 pan
3 measuring cups
4 spatulas (3 rubbery ones, one pancake turner type)
4 knives
5 forks
5 bowls
and a half dozen spoons of varying sizes

On the plus note, I'm on step 4 and the kitchen is still spotless. Its that habit of immediately putting the dirty thing in the dishwasher. Good for keeping a clean kitchen (the only part of the house I can keep clean). Bad for utensil efficiency.

Bah humbug!


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