Friday, December 02, 2005

The lingering effects of chemo (aka: Raynaud's sucks hairy monkey balls)

In the grand scheme of things, I should count my blessings, thank some possible creator somwehere, and all that other feel good jazz.

But I'm still going to bitch. Over the summer, I'd forgotten about Raynaud's. Now that its cold, its pissing me off. And, its making me wonder if I will ever be able to go skiing again. Sitting in the house, my fingers and toes go numb. Yeah, don't even ask what happens outside. So, if anyone wants to send me christmas gifts, think gloves. Like these. I've heard the "Outlast" stuff is good for Raynaud's.

I'm most concerned with the skiing thing though. I missed last ski season, and I want to go this year. But I just don't know if it will work. I can't ski if I can't feel my toes. Or if they start throbbing from the cold. Bah humbug!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello GUIGirl,

I happened upon you blog a while back quite by accident while hopping from site to site on a hunt for information about (of all things) hedgerows and English countryside (don't ask), landed on the blogspot site as a result and then a few "Next Blog" clicks (was curious) put me on a lady's blog that had Hodgkins and lo and behold, I found your nickname down at the bottom of her site. [That was quite the run-on sentence.] I have stopped by it now and again to check on your progress and have contemplated commenting but honestly was not sure what to write. Like in life, it is far easier to lurk than it is to do something.

I was shocked and saddened to hear what you've had to face. Perhaps naively, I have always searched for the 'whys' of life and expected to find reason in what is, at times, a most unreasonable world. I admit that often I am left to just shake my head and look for the bright spots where I can find them. It isn't always easy to find them. Even through your challenges, I see over and again many bright spots: a loving relationship (congrats by the way), big plans and dreams, triumphs, and probably most importantly - getting on with life and not letting the stumbling blocks of life trip you up for long.

I am impressed by your frankness and overall sense of optimism concerning life in light of circumstance. Your frustrations with your hair, the extremity numbness and the side effects of treatment against the disease are noted in your blog and you don't sugarcoat it, but you move on and deal with life. But I am not surprised by this, of course, because this is your nature. No doubt your notes here provide hope and encouragement to others who have been or will be faced with similar circumstances.

Though I doubt I ever mentioned it, you were a great person to work with and a competent programmer. I could use a dozen clones of you on my project - there are enough bricks here to build a sizeable house!

Life is good here. My kids are 8 and 5 now and are the joys of my life. My lovely bride hasn't given up on me yet. We've got a small farm and plenty of 'chores' to do as a result. I don't think life ever slows down, but that is okay. Brian and I still have offices down the hall from one another - he is doing well and is still a diehard Caps fan. I still snipe folks on eBay from time to time (big jerk!) when I'm really in the market for Canon AE-1 parts. Otherwise, life goes on. Just thought I'd touch base and say hello to you.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas,


10:23 PM  

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