Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Its almost December

We need to decide where we are (not?) going for the holidays.
We need to finish Christmas shopping.
I need to get my quarterly CT.
I need more sleep.

Kyle is sick. First time he has been really sick in a long while. Poor guy. Not like he can stay home from work, but he needs to just sleep for a day or so and drink gatorade. :(

Its the gloomy time of year. One of the things I dislike about the DC area. Between November and Feburary, I never see daylight. I might as well be in Alaska. I work 7:15 to 4:45. The sun rises sometime around 7-7:30 and sets around 4:30-5. Its dusk by the time I leave the office. And I am on an inside wall. No window. No daylight. No sanity. Its hibernation time.


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