Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Its almost December

We need to decide where we are (not?) going for the holidays.
We need to finish Christmas shopping.
I need to get my quarterly CT.
I need more sleep.

Kyle is sick. First time he has been really sick in a long while. Poor guy. Not like he can stay home from work, but he needs to just sleep for a day or so and drink gatorade. :(

Its the gloomy time of year. One of the things I dislike about the DC area. Between November and Feburary, I never see daylight. I might as well be in Alaska. I work 7:15 to 4:45. The sun rises sometime around 7-7:30 and sets around 4:30-5. Its dusk by the time I leave the office. And I am on an inside wall. No window. No daylight. No sanity. Its hibernation time.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Things to do

I'm am officially putting down my "Things to do before I die" list. Not that I am being morbid, but inspired but seeing this book. My list isn't that long, I'll stop with 20

1. Run a car with veggie oil
2. See the Grand Canyon
3. Bike around Ireland
4. Get the PhD
5. Win the lottery
6. Take an expedition boat to the Galapagos Islands
7. See the big 5 of Denali
8. Go on a whale watching boat that actually sees a whale
9. Win an award for my photography
10. Bike the whole C&O Canal towpath
11. Ski in Colorado (preferably, before my knee goes out)
12. Visit all 50 states*
13. Cruise the Panama Canal
14. Hike the Inca Trail
15. Finish the home improvements on my house
16. Live in a single family home on a lot big enough to have a veggie garden
17. Keep Kyle around to tend said veggie garden ;-)
18. Have a lake house with a dock and a boat or two
19. Retire very early
20. Catch a largemouth bass and a muskie from Burke Lake

Clearly, many things depend on #5.

That, and clearly I need to get in shape. I'm far too overweight and lazy to be as outdoorsy as I want to be.

* I'm well on my way