Thursday, September 22, 2005

A telegram to my fans

Weddings don't plan themselves stop
The fiscal year ends in 8 days stop
My computer went missing today stop
But was found, after I called security and reported it missing stop
I need 2 more weeks in the next 8 days stop
And then, there is the pesky wedding thing to deal with stop

P.S. Send back your card even if we "know" you are coming

P.P.S. for any Eddie from Ohio fans... yet another reminder that cancer sucks.

My first thought is not fit for printing somewhere young children or others who think they respect me could read.

My second thought was I would love to see Eddie do a show with Mellisa Etheridge, with Julie, Mellisa, and Robbie all bald in solidarity. Organic style did a spread with Mellissa performing bald. Man I wish I looked that good when I was bald.

Me bald, and me now


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