Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oncologist Visit

So I saw the oncologist on Tuesday. I had some bloodwork done, and Dr A. walked by while I was in the lab. He saw me, stopped, and said (in his droolable accent) "Do I see you today?" I replied that he would, so he smile and said "Good!" and walked off.

I paniced. Good. As in he really needs to see me. As in he has to tell me something to my face. As in he has seen my results and...

A few minutes later he stopped back in the lab and said that I could leave now. I was really confused. But he had this big smile on his face, and said everything looks good, no problems, he saw the results yesterday and all is still good. Of course, he did still want to see me, but at least my blood pressure was at a somewhat normal reading. LOL

They moved me to a private room, and Dr A came in. He looked at my bloodwork said I was a little anemic and we needed to watch it. I asked for a prescription for a nice, juice, rare prime rib. He laughed. Then said that it was jus a little bit off, and he wasn't too worried about it, other than to watch it. Asked a bit about my periods to see if that was the culpret, but it wasn't. Ended up just saying to try to eat iron rich foods but not stress about it, and if it is a consistent problem, then maybe iron supplements. I was a little confused b/c the lab techs had given me my results and said it was all fine. Plus I had looked at them, and I thought everything was in the normal range, but what do I know, maybe it was "normal" on paper but low for a woman or something.

So, I call Kyle and told him Dr. A told me I had to have a steak for dinner. Kyle and I were both a little suprised about the anemia, b/c we eat a lot of beef and I love spinach. My diet shouldn't be to blame. But he agreed to cook a nice, rare steak for me. So I picked up the steak on my way home, and he went out for more propane.

After we both get home, and the steak in on the grill, I check the voicemail. Dr. A had picked up the wrong bloodwork results. I'm prefectly fine. No problems whatsoever.

I'm evil. I didn't tell Kyle until after he finished cooking the steaks. They were SO good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT news about your check-up. I'll be sure to tell "you know who" - BB

11:33 AM  

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