Friday, July 29, 2005


I've been a blog slacker. Partially b/c I don't know what to do with this now. I could ramble on and on about life in general, but that gets boring and/or too many people I know IRL read this. I could go on and on about wedding planning (or lack thereof), but then it ruins any surprises for those coming to the wedding. And I could wallow in cancerness, but I choose not to. Kind of like how I refused to wallow in cancerness when it was around, I am choosing not to now. Maybe a bit too much. Anyway, this all leaves the blog kind of... dead...

I do like to check and see who sees this, and how they got here. The search terms intrigues me. But this provided me much amusement tonight.

But... here some updates
* We have a caterer, officiant, and DJ for the wedding. Officiant was the hardest, we ended up with a minister for hire type. Not what we originally wanted, but long story short - its what we ended up with.
* I have hair again, and its in desperate need of a cut. But I refuse.

* I have an crazy obession with creating a veggie oil car (i.e. biodiesel). If anyone happens to know of a Jeep with a deseil engine for sale - cheap, let me know.
* I'm going to Iowa for a week in August
* I'm comtemplating going to Florida for Labor Dar
* We went to West VA a few weeks ago. Here is one little guy sharing the resort


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well - glad to see you are back. I actually do check regularly - guess I'm obsessive - even though we talk to you regularly, too. BB

8:20 AM  

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