Monday, June 27, 2005

Hi Thurman

See, I only needed one question :-)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Wow.. has it been that long?

I didn't realize I had been that much of a slacker. Nothing exciting going on, but busy as heck!

We finally came to the conclusion that we will NOT elope. It was tempting. So, with about 4 months left, we have kicked into high gear wedding planning mode. Made a lot of progress in the past few weeks. As soon as the new credit card shows up, we will be booking the caterer. Plus a lot of decisions made. No dad, we aren't charging the wedding. But if we are going to outlay a lot of cash, might as well get ourselves a rewards credit card. So, now we get travel credits! YAY!!

And a bunch of other stuff taken care of, but if I tell you all about it, it will ruin the surprise. :)

Monday I am off to the Philly burbs for the week for a ASTM meeting. Happy happy joy joy. Then we are heading to TN for the 4th of July, then to Canaan Valley for a few days. Then back to work.

And just for you hiccup, your first question - If I were to mail you a wedding invitation, what zip code would I use?