Sunday, May 22, 2005

What a wonderful weekend

It was just nice and relaxing :) We need more of those.

Although, we did do a few things.

Friday - Slug hunting. A friend wanted to feed slugs to her turles, so about 10pm we were chatting on IM and I mentioned stepping over 2 on the way in. She stopped responding on IM. 10 minutes later, the doorbell rings and she is there with a slug container in hand. We collected almost 20 slugs. For those who aren't away, I live in a townhouse. My yard is 15x20' on either side of the house. 20 slugs!

Saturday - We tried to cook a ham. Unfortunatly, Kyle told me it was a pork shoulder. He said to cook it like a pork shoulder. We had a slight delay due to running out of propane and switching to charcoal. But I treated that hunk of meat just like a pork shoulder. 7 hours later, he mentioned it was a smoked ham and the package said to boil it. What?! Yup, it was a good ol' country ham. I explained that there is a reason you boil it. He didn't understand until he tried to eat it and puckered from the salt. I can cook pig, but I must first know the correct type of pig part to be cooked. We ordered pizza.

Sunday - lazy morning. Then we took our bikes out. Rode about 6 miles of the Mt Vernon Trail out on the Potomac. Then we went up to Old Town and road our bikes around there. The sweat and heat must have gotten to me, I turned down Ben & Jerrys. Maybe it was the large amount of Popeye's from out picnic. But still.. no ben & jerrys?!?!?

On the wedding front, we have finally fallen in LOVE with a BBQ resturant. After 7 months of looking for a caterer, liking everything, but not LOVING anything. Its offical. We want Rockland's Now I just need to get off my ass and call them.

My blog is so boring... I need a new theme or something. Too much wedding stuff and it ruins the surprise. Too much cancer stuff and I forget to move on with life. Thats one thing I don't want to dwell on.

But, since I am babbling, I'm pretty sure that cancer is responsible for my new attitude on life. I stress a whole hell of a lot less than I did a year ago. I guess its realizing what are things to stress over. Cancer: stress over it. House burning down: go head and stress. Pork shoulder really being a country ham = don't stress, Viva Pizza is a phone call away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think your blog is boring, but then I'm very prejudiced in your favor! Yep, it sounded like a wonderful weekend. Your dad & I spent the whole weekend painting our bedroom, and are still doing it. You know all those windows, cathedral ceiling, bathroom with numerous angles, and LOTS OF STUFF everywhere has made for a huge job. Your weekend sounds lovely! B

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