Friday, May 27, 2005

The sun is out!

Seems like the first time in a week. Plus I am home before 5 and a long weekend. Simple pleasures.

Around 3pm, I went to ask my coworker a question. He sits caddy-corner to me, and I think I walked by his cube about 14 times prior to this. I also have on a bright pink shirt. He had to do a double take because he didn't know I was in today. Plus he was the "acting" boss as the office was empty due to the holiday on Monday. And to think I could have stayed home and no one would have know the difference. LOL

Ok, on to my interview from Rae

1. What three words would you choose to describe your personality?

2. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment and why?
getting my grad degree. At the time, I was at a turning point in life, and I could have gone several way. I questioned my choices, as I was looking at a rather nice job offer in Philly. But I decided to be a broke grad student instead. Best thing for me. The bubble burst while I was in grad school, so software would have NOT been the place to be. And while I was there, I had a lot of personal stuff going on - mainly revolving around the guy I was sure I would marry running off to Texas with someone else. Not a happy time mentally. So getting through grad school was the best thing I ever did for myself! Primarily because it was the first thing I can truely said I did for myself. So many other things I had done up til then were based on other people, i.e. college was just expected, went out of state to get away from mom, took first job b/c it was all that was offered, moved to Lynchburg for said Texas guy. I did that for me!

so how many folks were expecting something about surviving cancer? I don't consider that an acomplishment of mine. It was something I went through, and something that happened to me. But the accomplishment was all science.

3. What do you consider the most important factor in a relationship and why?
Communication. You must have good communication and be able to talk about things. Its not always plesant, but if you don't communicate things get bottled up until they explode in one form or another - be it a big blow out or even phsyical symptoms. Thats not always to say I/we are the best communicators. But we try. And that, I believe, is important. I've seen what happens when you can't communicate how you are feeling.

And communication is a two way street. Its not just telling someone else what is going on or how you feel. The other member of the relationship must listen and process what is said. Without both parts of communication - you just have talking and tuning out. That will never work.

4. Who is your role model?
My co-worker, K. I want to be her in a few years. We just click on so many things. She gives me advice when I need it. And she showed me that some of the "expectations" in life are really choices - choices that you are allowed to say no to.

5. Describe a time when your parents/partner really embarrassed you.
Truthfully - I tend to embarass myself more than anyone embrasses me. I talk to much. So anyway...
Parents: most of my teenage years, just simply being parents and me being a teen. Although I would say the worst (at the time) was Dad making me go to the dump with him in the Big Blue Beast Truck. It was mortifying to drive around our small town in that baby blue rust bucket. I just could NOT be seen in it. So I put a paper bag over my head while in the passenger seat. Funniest damn thing now.
Partner: Had a few too many glasses of wine on an empty stomach at a wedding.

That was fun! Anyone else want to be interviewed? Leave me a comment saying "interview me" and I'll give you 5 questions for you to answer in your blog!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty wise lady for your age!!! BB

12:22 PM  
Blogger Naturegrrl said...

sure why not. interview me baby.

8:04 PM  

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