Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bugsy wants to say

"And just why should I NOT be here?"

On another note, I've got these wigs I want rid of. They are sitting on a shelf, not doing anything. I bought them thinking they would be useful, then decided I wouldn't lose my hair. Of course I did. But I ended up going with hats. Just never could transition to the wigs. I thought about keeping them around, just in case. But I think if I had a just in case need, I'd want hats again. So all you cancer babes reading, do you need some? Or know someone who doesn't have money or insurance? Or know of an organization that would take them and give them to other cancer babes who need them? I have the cleaning stuff, and a wig form too. Drop me a comment or an email. hmmm... I have avoided posting my email addy to avoid spam bots... [thenameofmyblog] Anyway with net saavy can figure that out, the email snatching spambots probably can't.

Just did a 5 mile bike ride. I want to do more, but just can't. I want to go ride during the week, but after leaving at 6:20am for work, then getting home at 6pm - I just don't have the energy. Plus if I eat something, I can't even get out until close to 7. And then if I am exercising til 8, I can't get to sleep at 10. Its a vicious cycle that makes me fat!

I have no more useful random thoughts today.


Blogger Maureen McHugh said...

A five mile bike ride sure sounds good to me.

(And I love the cat.)

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep - I'm impressed with the 5-mile ride. And I also totally understand how difficult it is to exercise regularly when working full time (and commuting)! Any exercise is better than not bothering at all - good for you!!!! BB

3:49 PM  

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