Friday, April 22, 2005

More musings

Its coming up on the 1 year anniversary of when I found my lump. Of course, I didn't do anything about it until June. But I found it about a month before. Sometimes it seems last year never really happened. Its like this hazy, foggy memory of it happening to someone else. Then I look at my head. LOL

I've stumbled across a couple other blogs of young adult cancer patients. Then it really hits home why sometimes Hodgkin's is called "cancer lite." On the other hand, I read my email list, and am reminded that its not "lite" for everyone. Everybody responds to chemo differently - both in side effects and in cancer response. I wouldn't call my cancer expierence "easy" or "fun" or anything I'd like to do again. On the other hand - I got off relitively light. No major infections, no puking, no disabling side effects. It was like having a bad relapsing flu for 6 months. And my only long term side effect is some Rayuand's symdrome in my fingers. So my fingers turn white and numb occasionally (ok, at least one finger daily). But even that isn't much. I think I lost some strength & dexterity in my fingers too. But I can't really prove it. All I know is I wasn't able to tie fishing line into knots nor unscrew the water line from the toilet (to remove the tank to paint). I can't prove this is chemo related - but I think I would have been able to do it a year ago. Maybe?

Last night I was trying to find a dentist for Kyle. So I went to the website of my oncology office to get their address and try to find someone in the same building. They have upgraded their website! Its quite impressive now. I can now post a link to my doctor. I now know that he is Serbian. And he sounds quite impressive. I didn't know he had "a particular interest in Lymphomas." I guess thats why I ended up with him. But good to know.

Other random tidbits:
* We need new patio chairs. Apparently, those collapsable ones only last about 2 years when they are outside year round. However, our kitties insist that we replace them we other collapsable chairs. They love the "hammock" effect. They have made it quite clear we are not allowed to bring in other chairs.

* Its almost noon, and I'm still in my bathrobe. I love my day off!

* I got a new camera a couple weeks back. It was an impulse buy. Its a Canon Elan 7. So I tested it out down at the Cherry Blossoms. We found this little park near the Capitol. So much less crowded than the rest of DC. The day we went was a 70 degree Saturday afternoon. Apparently, there were about 3 million people at the Tidal Basin, and another 1.5 millon on the rest of the mall. Yet this place was empty. Check out the pictures. here and here. No need to sign in, just click "view photos."

* I went on a 7 mile bike ride on Monday. It was supposed to be 5. Kyle tricked me. He is evil. And then he wouldn't even let me stop at Dairy Queen even though we rode right by it! 7 miles - I deserved a Blizzard!

* Ok, truthfully I didn't deserve a blizzard. I'm not even back down to my pre-chemo weight. My only regret with the Hodgkin's thing (Well, aside from GETTING it), is that I didn't get the "rapid weight loss" symptom nor loose weight with chemo. Dude.. you would think SOMETHING good could have come out of it. LOL

* Its time for me to shower. We are meeting with a caterer at 1:30. Kyle supposed to be home at noon. My clock says 12:04. I'll be in trouble if I am still in my robe. He laughs at me when I do nothing all morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your Serbian doctor!

I have never heard Hodgkin's referred to as "cancer lite." I don't think anyone's experiences with cancer could be trivialized like that... it is really hard for everyone who has to go through it, no matter how long they are on chemo, etc. Sometimes I get the same feeling, that it all never really happened. Then I realize it did... damn.

I think you deserve a blizzard! Go wild!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to read your thoughts! You are so good at expressing them! BB

3:55 PM  

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