Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Its my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!

Now, in a complete change of themes. I found a very cool ob/gyn doctor yesterday. I have had terrible luck with ob/gyns up in the DC area. It very important to me to find an ob/gyn who does not just see me as a baby producer. I've been up here 4 years. 4 different places. My favorite place was Planned Parenthood. There, the listened to me, and were willing to talk to me about other birth control options than the pill. The major problem with them is they don't take my insurance. I was willing to pay out of pocket for great service and b/c I would like to support them (tree hugger!). However, with my medical state now, I think finding someone who takes my insurance might be good. Everyone else I have been to on my insurance has just rubbed me wrong. I guess its odd, to them, to see a 30 year old woman who has never had kids, and isn't in a rush to have them. So they give me pills and send me on my way. One doctor kept dismissing the side effects that I was concerned about. Ug! They piss me off. So anyway, this guy was awsome! Easy to talk to, listened to me, etc. It was just a consult, so I didn't even have to change for an exam or anything. This probably made it better. But the good news is he doesn't want to do anything about the small cyct/dermoid/ovarian mass. Its too small and is causing no problems. So, until it quintuples in size, I get to ignore it. I suppose if he had immeditatly decided to slice me open, I might think differently. But for now, he gets my thumbs up.

My coworker said the sweetest thing the other day. I doubt she reads this, so she didn't see my rant about not commenting on my hair. But she did. Yet, it was in a totally believable, very sincre way. She told me she really liked it short like this (crew cut style) and I should leave it like this. Granted, there is no way I would ever keep it short. I love(d) my long hair and miss is a lot. But the way she said it, I know she wasn't just saying it b/c she thought I wanted to hear it. So that made my day.

In wedding news... planning a wedding requires too much decision making. We still have no clue what kind of food we want. I have a quote from a tradiational caterer, and I think it would work. But on the other hand, it just seems way to fancy for us. So then we think we want BBQ, but after trying 5 places, we still don't have what we consider a "good" BBQ place. The most acceptable (to me) doesn't do bar stuff. So then we would have to hire an additional vendor. Ug!

On the plus note, I get to eat lots of BBQ :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record, I also think your hair looks cute short - shows off your eyes and pretty face! Also, I'm astonished that the wedding planning is "getting to you" a bit - I'm in awe of your attention to detail, your thrifty finds, your enthusiasm! Can't wait to be there - BB

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