Friday, March 25, 2005

If you see me...

Please don't comment on my hair. I know you think its what I want to hear. But really, it isn't. It makes me very self concious, and I am self concious about it enough. Just pretend you don't notice. And don't tell me its growing so fast, b/c really, I'm measuring it. Its not growing faster than normal. It just seems like it b/c I had none. I'm serious, please don't. :-)

Terrie from my Hodgkin's email list passed away this week. She was diagnosed less than a year ago. Just a reminder that this is really cancer. I'm bawling reading the comments on her blog.

I go in tommorow for a CT and an ultrasound. The ultrasound is to check on something that showed up on my first PET. Not Hodgkin's related, and nothing serious. But now that the nastiness is over, time to check it out. Best case, its a lump of fat. We know I have plenty of that, so I'm better on it. LOL

Best case: A lump of fat and a clean CT
Worst case: Surgery and/or more treatment

No, dear father, I will not have an answer anytime soon. The earliest will be April 5th. Calling me Friday nigth and asking "How did your tests go?" and/or "How are you feeling?" would not be useful. ;-)

mental note: blogging at 1am after a tift with the boy makes for a cranky blog. And when the glasses are in the other room, it makes for a typo filled entry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hereby promise to continue to ask embarassing questions of you regarding health or anything else of substance I so choose regardless of existing tiffs or otherwise.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Naturegrrl said...

yikes! *ducks*
lo siento about your friend. :(

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Louise said...

I added a link to you from my blog, I can take it off if you want.

As for those questions from parents about tests and "how they went"? I eventually had to tell my mother not to ask me anything more about tests, that I hated that she asked every time we spoke (even when I had told her I didn't have to go in for bloods for another 2 months or something) and she did. I promised her I would tell her if anything was wrong or of concern, but otherwise she should assume everything was okay and not ask about it. It's working for us, and it is a lot less stressful for me.

Take care.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life is a bitch--then you get over it. Some days you bite the bear.Some days the bear bites you. Smile! God loves you! See ya! hiccup

12:32 AM  

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