Friday, March 25, 2005

If you see me...

Please don't comment on my hair. I know you think its what I want to hear. But really, it isn't. It makes me very self concious, and I am self concious about it enough. Just pretend you don't notice. And don't tell me its growing so fast, b/c really, I'm measuring it. Its not growing faster than normal. It just seems like it b/c I had none. I'm serious, please don't. :-)

Terrie from my Hodgkin's email list passed away this week. She was diagnosed less than a year ago. Just a reminder that this is really cancer. I'm bawling reading the comments on her blog.

I go in tommorow for a CT and an ultrasound. The ultrasound is to check on something that showed up on my first PET. Not Hodgkin's related, and nothing serious. But now that the nastiness is over, time to check it out. Best case, its a lump of fat. We know I have plenty of that, so I'm better on it. LOL

Best case: A lump of fat and a clean CT
Worst case: Surgery and/or more treatment

No, dear father, I will not have an answer anytime soon. The earliest will be April 5th. Calling me Friday nigth and asking "How did your tests go?" and/or "How are you feeling?" would not be useful. ;-)

mental note: blogging at 1am after a tift with the boy makes for a cranky blog. And when the glasses are in the other room, it makes for a typo filled entry.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Greetings from California

I spent two days in Sacramento learning everything there is to know about playground standards. I lucked out and didn't have to take the certification test. I'm so glad, there was just so much to know! But Sacramento was so nice. When I left DC, it was snowing. Its been 80-85 and sunny. Ahhh!

Today I went to Armsrong Redwoods State Preserve in Sonoma County. It was WONDERFUL!!! Its near the town of Guerneville. I've decided that is one of those places old hippies end up. I also spent some time at Wright's Beach watching the vicious Pacific surf crash into the rocks.

Currently, I'm in a Holiday Inn is Sebastopol. Nice place. The receptionist suggested a little mexican resturant about a block away for dinner. The food was yummy, but the waitress about left me in tears. She called me "Senor." Five times. Lets see here, female attributes: 38D, rings, necklace, 4 earrings, makeup. Male attributes: crew cut, and I've been told my personality has some male traits - but a waitress wouldn't see that. So yeah, I guess with the crew cut and baseball cap she must have assumed... I dunno. Maybe she calls everyone senor. But, I'm not an idiot. I know I should be a senora or senorita. She seriously ruined my day.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Its been 2 months...

since I got the all clear. Its like I am trying to forget that part of my life happened. Its like my hair is the only thing left reminding me. I still wear hats everywhere. I think if it were summer, I might go without. But its just so darn cold in DC.

I ran into a coworker today who I haven't seen in awhile. We use to work on a project together, but now our paths never cross in the office. It was just a passing "Hey - How's it going" in the elevator lobby. He complimented me on my hat. I thanked him, then as the doors were closing, I thought "wow, I bet he has no clue." Not like I made officewide announcements. Thats just not my style. Those who know me best knew, but everyone else - I figured they didn't want to see updates sent to everyone. Especially since really, there wasn't much to update. Which is a good thing.

Well speaking of work - I'm a traveling fool the next few weeks. Leaving for Philly tommorow, then Sacramento next Tuesday-Sunday. A couple days of training out in California, then I plan on hunting down the redwood trees. I hope they are within a couple hours of Sacramento. Guess I should have figured that out before I decided to fly back on Sunday. LOL

Just for kicks and giggles, I made myself a map of all the states I've visited. I need to go out west more. And Wisconsin. Wisconsin sticks out like a sore thumb east of the Mississippi. I should also get Iowa - it looks lonely mostly surrounded on 3 sides. But I'm just not sure Iowa appeals to me to visit.

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