Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Does anyone still read this?

Kyle and I have matching haircuts now:

So, I have decided that I am now an expert in self-diagnosis, since I did decide it was lymphoma before I was officially diagnosed. My latest self diagnosis, RAYNAUD'S SYNDROME. Been having lots of issues with my fingers "falling asleep." Now the past week or so they have been getting really numb - not tingly numb but really numb. And last night, when the pad of my pointer finger was numb, I looked down and it was white. There was this little white patch right where it was numb. I could feel it where it was pink, but the white was numb. A little shaking and friction and it was back to normal. I have a doctor appointment two weeks from today (no Dad, don't bother calling, its one I WON'T be discussing with you ;-), but I will bring this up. Why not have another diagnosis written in my now thick chart.

And for anyone still reading, Kyle and I are having a disagreement over our wedding reception menu. I decided to take a poll. The choices right now are (a) German Octoberfest - think saurbraten, sausages, and kraut or (b) BBQ - think pulled pork & chicken, the only *real* BBQ for someone with Carolina roots. There will be vegitarian options and compliments for either menu. Please vote using the poll linked below (I'm cheap, its free, you may get a popup ad). Also, if you want you can leave your opinion as a comment. Heck, even if you are just random person reading who probably won't be attended - put in your two cents.

Wedding Menu Poll


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always read your blog. I also have Hodgkins and finished my rads in the middle of December. I think you and I are about at the same point in our treatment. I love your pictures. Take care!

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you and your fiance start sporting the same haristlyes, that's when you realized you two have been around each other WAYY too much :-P kidding.
good to see you smiling.. I miss that.

ok my two cents: I like the german sausages, kraut.. ::homer simpson drool and groan:: auggghhh, german kraut stuff.. ::Drools::

take care big sis,

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ya! Kiddo It is great to see your smiling face. It seems the two of you are happy. Life is good huh? As for German or BBQ, I am more inclined to go with with the German. It just seems more exotic. If it is good German food and tastefully presented, your guests will fondly remember your reception. With that said, Hell it is your and Kyles' reception. Have it your way. The pipes are calling. See ya! hicup

7:38 AM  
Blogger Maureen McHugh said...

I voted for BBQ, but remember at least one BBQ vote was by someone who doesn't even know you!

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your hair - I think it looks very cute! I've been trying get enough courage to get mine that short at least once. So far I just get the clippers on the sides and back. And I voted for German via your e-mail web link. But I agree with hiccup - your wedding, your decision. Guess that's what started all this though; you had a 50-50 split on that decision. Anyway, can't wait for the big event. It'll be great fun and such a special day. Love, B

11:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I TOO am a regular reader whom you don't know. (You might recognize my name from the Hodgkins email list?) Anyway, I'm a fellow Hodgkinser (3 treatments down, 9 to go -- hopefully just 9!)

I think you look fabulous, and, were I to attend the big soiree, I'd be hoping for the BBQ. DEFINITELY the BBQ.

Wow, now I have such a craving for BBQ chicken...thanks a lot!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I'm reading- and vote for the kraut. Anything with kraut is a winner!

Pamela in Oregon

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Hope! It's Joy Lew, I just found your blog - the haircut looks great, it's so exciting that you and Kyle are getting married (!!!) and I'm voting for um.. both cuisines. :D

Feel free to drop me a line: joy.lew @ gmail.com

6:21 PM  
Blogger Kim Carlson said...

Hi Ruby,

I was diagnosed a week ago with the same type HD as you. I had my CT scan two days later and see my cancer doc day after tomorrow. Fortunately I live in NYC where there are lots of cancer resources and I am lucky to already have a great support system in place. I am amazed and uplifted by the attitude of those whose HD blogs I've read, although I am DREADING the treatment, despite knowing it will save my life. I began createing a blog on Blogger, but know little about how it works--how do you attract people to your blog in order to attract comments from others? I love the network of people you seem to have built up and I'd like to have the same thing for myself. Also, did you belong to the HD listserv? Is it a helpful thing to do in terms of building a cancer buddy system?

My biggest concern, aside from losing my hair, is being able to work. You worked from home, right? Do you think I'm deluding myself to think I can go to the office while I'm being treated? I'm single and live alone in the city in a 4th floor brownstone (no elevator). I've been a pretty hardcore athlete for a lot of my adult life and hope that being lean and fit will contribute to my body's ability to handle the chemo.

Any other info/tips/advice you could point me toward would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I also read Maureen's blog and love the idea of the chemo hat that says Fuck Cancer. What else can you say?

Congrats to you and Kyle. I want to believe that there will be a gift in going through this challenging and unpleasant experience to enrich my life in a way I cannot fathom now. My email address is michelan@onebox.com

Be well,


2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:27 AM  

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