Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just babbling

Well, the poll results were not overwhelming enough to sway us one way or another. So I am basically talking to two caterers who I told "Here is our budget, here are some ideas we had, work your magic and tell me what you can do." We will see what comes back.

Anne, Claire and I found bridesmaid's dresses for a STEAL! If you want to see them and any other random details, click here. The font is messed up right now. Must fix that.

Went to the doctor Monday. It was that time of the year (women know what I mean). Uneventful. But I love my primary care doctor. I know he just read the chart right before he walked in, so its not like he really "remembered" me. But I really still liked that he acted like he remembered me fron June, and seemed genuinally concerned. Always like that in a doctor, and sad as it is, its not always common. I got orders for a sonogram to check out my fat overy. It showed up on my first PET scan back in June. Obviously not a major issue at the time. But needs to be checked out to confirm I just have a fat overy and not a dermoid. Dermoids are freaky. I hope its not that. They have teeth and require surgery. *shutter* We also discussed a couple other things, including that evil nasty habit that no cancer patient should still have. Forgot to mention the white finger thing, but it is still happening. I've been playing telephone tag with him since Monday, so it will come up. Thats about it healthwise.

Work is as exciting as ever. March will be busy. Going to Philly next week. Sacaremento the week after. And I never travel! Then a big hearing at the end of the month that should be interesting to say the least.

And everything else I want to babbly about is political. So I will save you all that.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Does anyone still read this?

Kyle and I have matching haircuts now:

So, I have decided that I am now an expert in self-diagnosis, since I did decide it was lymphoma before I was officially diagnosed. My latest self diagnosis, RAYNAUD'S SYNDROME. Been having lots of issues with my fingers "falling asleep." Now the past week or so they have been getting really numb - not tingly numb but really numb. And last night, when the pad of my pointer finger was numb, I looked down and it was white. There was this little white patch right where it was numb. I could feel it where it was pink, but the white was numb. A little shaking and friction and it was back to normal. I have a doctor appointment two weeks from today (no Dad, don't bother calling, its one I WON'T be discussing with you ;-), but I will bring this up. Why not have another diagnosis written in my now thick chart.

And for anyone still reading, Kyle and I are having a disagreement over our wedding reception menu. I decided to take a poll. The choices right now are (a) German Octoberfest - think saurbraten, sausages, and kraut or (b) BBQ - think pulled pork & chicken, the only *real* BBQ for someone with Carolina roots. There will be vegitarian options and compliments for either menu. Please vote using the poll linked below (I'm cheap, its free, you may get a popup ad). Also, if you want you can leave your opinion as a comment. Heck, even if you are just random person reading who probably won't be attended - put in your two cents.

Wedding Menu Poll