Friday, January 21, 2005

My port is out!!

I had my port taken out this morning. Yay!!!!! The lidocain hasn't worn off yet, so I am not sore or anything. But I am sure I will be eventually. And I am off all my meds now. Yay!!!! Its almost like I'm human again.

My hair is coming back in. I like to call it the Annie Lenox look right now. It seems darker, but its still straight. For a lot of folks it comes back curly. Guess this is further proof that I will never have body in my hair.

I think my energy is coming back slowly. But I still like to sleep a lot. Some of that might be typical winter hibernation. Someday soon I will start doing more activity and try to get back in shape (of course, that implies I was in shape to start with - LOL). But not yet. Its too cold outside, and the 5-10 inches of snow due in tommorow isn't conducive to starting just yet.

They let me keep the port. So I took some pictures of it, just so you all could see what was in me. The white part was between the chest wall and the skin, and the blue tube ran up to my neck and connected to a vein.


Blogger Maureen McHugh said...

That is so cool! Both getting it out and the picture.

So how long is your hair? (I sort of think of you as my guide ahead on the whole Hodgkins journey, you know.0

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw this several days ago, but for some reason it was taking forever to get to this point in your blog - ergo, no comment from me. However, congratuations! I know it must feel wonderful to get your life back on track. LYL (love you lots) BB

9:05 AM  

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