Friday, November 19, 2004

11 down - 1 to go!!

I haven't creashed yet, but I expect it very soon. Everything is proceeded as normal. I'm taking my anti-puke pills and drinking TONS of liquid. Last time, I tried very hard to drink 2 to 3 quarts a day. And I really think it helped.

Anyway, I'll probably be napping by noon, and spend 36 of the next 48 hours in bed. Tring to force down 3 quarts of water and some food in the emailing 12 hours. LOL But, its a routine that seems to work, and has me most functional by Sunday afternoon. So yay!!

(Dad, take notes, put this on the calender, I won't repeat it more than 3 times - LOL)
My LAST ABVD chemo will be December 2nd. I have a CT scan on Dec 13th and a PET scan on Dec 16th. On Dec 21st I go to the doctor to get the results of the scans and hopefully here the word REMISSION!! Unfortunaly, at my last visit (Tuesday), he kind of bummed me out by starting to talk about what we do if we don't acheive remission. *grumble* Thanks for being positive! But other than that, the doc visit went fine. I'm doing very good. He was shocked to hear i was still working virtually full time, but was happy I was doing that well. Some of the cumulative affect of chemo are showing up, including periphrial nueropathy - which basically means my pinky finger feels like its "asleep" 2/3 of the time. And I pretty much have finally worked out a system that works for the intestinal issues. And still no puking!!!!

Ok, that sums up the cancer part of life, how bout some other stuff so you see I'm not all cancer all the time

If you get a chance, watch Good Morning America on Monday. They will probably be doing a story on my pet project at work. I'm so excited. Everything else I have worked on recently as work has go into endless review or semi-permanent "on hold" status, which is frustrating me. But this is something I put together last Monday. If I find out for sure that it will be on, and what time, I'll let you know.

We are now looking for caterers. We more or less decided on a German Octoberfest Theme. So now I'm getting proposals from caterers. Got two from the same caterer. The first one missed the mark completely! Their revised one was much closet. And next weeend, we are checking out a German Resturant in Rockville that caters. I promise I'm going to try to work something besides salad in for the veggies amoung us. ANd I have a token veggie who I will be running stuff by. And she's not a fish veggie either (I think the other veggies are fish veggies). No vegans though. I'd tell them to pack their own lunch LOL


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Hey little girl! It sounds like the wedding plans are moving right along. It sounds very interesting and quite charming. I'm sure it will be outstanding. How's Kyle? You haven't mentioned him in awhile. On this remission thing-it is or it is not. If it is you thank god and get on with the rest of your life. If it is not you thank God and get on with the rest of your life. In either case you have a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy Thanksgiving. My thoughts are with you See ya! hicup

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