Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving! I've very thankful for 14 hours of sleep last night. Guess I was right when I said I was absolutly exhausted. And Dad, thats why I didn't answer you call. I was asleep from 8pm til after 10am.

Friday, November 19, 2004

11 down - 1 to go!!

I haven't creashed yet, but I expect it very soon. Everything is proceeded as normal. I'm taking my anti-puke pills and drinking TONS of liquid. Last time, I tried very hard to drink 2 to 3 quarts a day. And I really think it helped.

Anyway, I'll probably be napping by noon, and spend 36 of the next 48 hours in bed. Tring to force down 3 quarts of water and some food in the emailing 12 hours. LOL But, its a routine that seems to work, and has me most functional by Sunday afternoon. So yay!!

(Dad, take notes, put this on the calender, I won't repeat it more than 3 times - LOL)
My LAST ABVD chemo will be December 2nd. I have a CT scan on Dec 13th and a PET scan on Dec 16th. On Dec 21st I go to the doctor to get the results of the scans and hopefully here the word REMISSION!! Unfortunaly, at my last visit (Tuesday), he kind of bummed me out by starting to talk about what we do if we don't acheive remission. *grumble* Thanks for being positive! But other than that, the doc visit went fine. I'm doing very good. He was shocked to hear i was still working virtually full time, but was happy I was doing that well. Some of the cumulative affect of chemo are showing up, including periphrial nueropathy - which basically means my pinky finger feels like its "asleep" 2/3 of the time. And I pretty much have finally worked out a system that works for the intestinal issues. And still no puking!!!!

Ok, that sums up the cancer part of life, how bout some other stuff so you see I'm not all cancer all the time

If you get a chance, watch Good Morning America on Monday. They will probably be doing a story on my pet project at work. I'm so excited. Everything else I have worked on recently as work has go into endless review or semi-permanent "on hold" status, which is frustrating me. But this is something I put together last Monday. If I find out for sure that it will be on, and what time, I'll let you know.

We are now looking for caterers. We more or less decided on a German Octoberfest Theme. So now I'm getting proposals from caterers. Got two from the same caterer. The first one missed the mark completely! Their revised one was much closet. And next weeend, we are checking out a German Resturant in Rockville that caters. I promise I'm going to try to work something besides salad in for the veggies amoung us. ANd I have a token veggie who I will be running stuff by. And she's not a fish veggie either (I think the other veggies are fish veggies). No vegans though. I'd tell them to pack their own lunch LOL

Friday, November 12, 2004

The WORST thing happened to me today

I lost the taste for chocolate.


Taste changes are typical for chemo.


I confirmed it today. Wednesday I though it was an old box of Little Debbies. Thursday I thought the cookies were just short changed on chocolate chips. But today, when the peanut M&M tastes like the same shit the little debbie did on Wednesday, I knew it was official.

And no, I don't normally eat Little Debbies, cookies, and M&Ms every day. After my favorite little debbie tasted like shit Wednesday (and I threw it our after one bite), I had to keep expirimenting.

Life sucks :(

Monday, November 08, 2004

It seems I have this down to a science

It only took me 10 tries.

Lots of sleep. 3 quarts of water a day. And laxatives every day. But it seems to be working. I was feeling pretty decent yesterday. And the knot it my stomach didn't start until about 2pm today. I expect it will be around a few more days.

Its been so tempting to just go off on politics. But I have been biting my tongue b/c I don't know who exactly is reading this, and I know some folks from work are, and seeing how I work for the feds... yeah...

But, I do have to post this. I stole it from a online chat. But it sums up my feelings and things I am wrestling with right now. "Am I just a paranoid liberal elitist who is so overwhelmed by my liberal elitistness that I no longer have any ability to analyze facts into a cohesive argument that isn't biased?"

Thursday, November 04, 2004

10 down, 2 to go.

Two more! Two more! That it! Two more!

Today's chemo was uneventful. The zoloft is helping. My poo-habits are terrible, but I'm doing all I can. And they were happy with "it eventually happens." Coughing is all gone. Overall, its looking positive.

Now, the trick will be how I do over the next 4 or 5 days. Last night (not sure I posted) I was nauseous from Sunday through Wednesday. Blech! Not happy about that, and I think thats at least part of what motivated my pissed off at the world post. So hopefully, the zoloft is working (or at least the placebo effect is, and I'm OK with only a placebo effect), and I won't get as pissy.

But again, only 2 more!!! 4 weeks from today will be my last chemo!!

I see the doctor again on the 16th. Haven't seen him since before the Keys. So, we have a lot to discuss. Mostly timing on the next set of scans and such. Guessing from other people's treatment, it might be at least 2 weeks after my last chemo. Then up to a week (more like 3 days) for processing and reading and such. But, suffice to say, I'm hoping to hear the words REMISSION right before Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting and Vampires

I voted. Yay! 15 minutes from parking at the school to pulling in my parking lot. Not much line. Apparently everyone went this morning before work to avoid the after work lines. Or its just my small precinct. Down the road the line was out the door.

The vampire (aka phlebotomist) took my blood today, and once again, its all good. So yay (boo!) more chemo on Thursday.

And on a mental note, I'm feeling better. We'll see how I hold up once they pump me up with the nasty stuff. But for now, I'm back to being more me-like. Less pissed off at the world. So yay!