Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I guess the easy part is over

If you can call it easy.

I've been battleing near constant nausea for the past 4 days. Blech! Nothing is helping, its just this constant "sour stomach" feel. Joy joy. And I'm back to the office tommorow. The meds (ativan and compazine) I have when I run out of the super-duper no puke pills (anzemet) knock me out. So its sour stomach hopie or zombie hopie.

Ug ug ug!

For the record, I am quickly loosing my good attitude and upbeat spirt. I just HATE this. I want my hair back, I want my life back.

On a happy note, Anne had her baby Sunday (but those who know Anne already know that). He is adorable :) I went to see him with my Janet. Yay!! He was the cutest little thing. And so tiny. I guess thats typical of a 1 day old baby, but I've never seen one before.

And for those of you that donated to Sahar's marathon. It was this past Sunday. Go Sahar!!!! This picture made me cry.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Good news

My pulmonary tests were officially ok. No problems. Official diagnosis - lingering cold. I had about $900 of tests run for a "lingering cold" LOL

I got a script for zoloft. The nurse asked how I was doing, I said "fine." She said "convince me," and I said "no." So she said she would get a script. She did mention I made it longer than most, and almost everyone ends up on it eventually. There was actually a bit more to the conversation, but thats the basic jist.

And the best news - she worked up my calender for November. I can now see all my chemos on one sheet of paper. Thats nice. And this time, they didn't schedule extra "just in case."

Finally, we are tenitively booked at The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek for Sunday, October 23, 2005. Between me calling yesterday to check availability, confirming with Kyle, and calling back today, Saturday the 22nd was tenitively booked. The reservation is held for 3 weeks, pending a deposit. If the other chick doesn't send in her deposit, I have first dibs on switching to Saturday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why on earth

Did I ever go with pink to start with. Has anyone EVER known me to like pink?!?!

I'm liking the blue. Though I can't seem to change the line spacing. I feel like I am back in high school having to double space everything.


Had my pulmonary test this morning. Seemed to go pretty well. 2 of the 3 tests were actually better than the first time. The 3rd test was about 10% off. So, if I am having problems, they are minor and only in CO diffusion capacity (whatever the heck that is).

And my blood work was fine again. I've been feeling quote anemic, but apparently its close enough to normal to be ok (11.8, normal is above 12).

So thats the update. Nothing new and exciting. Nothing going awry. Its all "normal" stuff.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I bet you thought I forgot about you!

Nope, just not in a blogging mood lately.

Had chemo #8 today. I think it was 8... yeah, 8. I lost track. Physically I am doing great, just as always. No big problems, and since its just then evening of chemo, I'm still hopped up on the decadron (streiod) enough that I'm almost hyper. Mentally its all starting to get to me. I know, I know... its just hair - it will grown back. But, its still hard to deal with. I think seeing myself in the mirror is part of what is bothering me. I look so pityful and sick. Its gotten a lot worse in the past few weeks. No, you can't see it. Only Kyle and my neighbor get to (and she only gets to b/c she poked her head over the fence one night and I didn't have time to hide. We generally have a Mr. Wilson relations - like on Home Improvement). Anyway, yes, it will grow back. And I know all you bald guys like to remind me of that. But, I bet you didn't loose it all in under 3 months! And you are a girl!!

So in other news, Kyle and I are in complete sticker shock on weddings. The average wedding in the DC area is $27k. Even if I could afford to, my frugal (cheap!) self wouldn't be able to do that. So, I am searching hi and lo for the perfect place that fits my cheap ass self :) But, it will likely be next fall. For a brief moment I contemplated something next spring - soley so I would only spend 6 months obsessing as opposed to 12. But, fall won out because a) I always wanted an October wedding, b) Kyle likes fall best too and c) I might have some hair by then. Not that I am vain or anything, but if I am going to have pictures to show to the grandneices and newphews, I don't want to be bald!

Yes, the hair thing is quite traumatic. Trust me, its not just me. Do some research on patient expierences - especially women. The hair thing is bad!