Tuesday, September 07, 2004


So, I've been a slacker. Things have been trucking along, with nothing much to update. Chemo sucks, the week off is usually pretty good, hurricanes suck, no change in anything for me, etc.

I had my blood work today. Once again, the numbers are way good. White count is over 14 (2 is the min), so I'll be having chemo #6 on Thursay. #6 = cycle 3 treatment 2. This is a good thing. This could be my last chemo. But, I won't know for sure until Sept 24rd (when I go in for chemo #7).

Here is my schedule for the next week or so:
9/9: chemo #6
9/10-9/12: lay around, feel like crap, be whiney, and watch the weather channel non-stop for hurrican Ivan coverage.
9/13 9am: Check-up appointment with my oncologist
9/14 7am: PET scan (for restaging - see if the nasty is all gone)
9/15 10am: CT scan (also for restaging)
9/16 8am: Fly to Ft. Lauderdale from Dulles
9/16-9/19: Enjoy Key Largo - if there are any keys left after Ivan. I'm currently debating if its rude to be a tourist in Florida when all the residents are cleaning up from a hurricane.
9/19-9/21: Enjoy Key West and possibly the Dry Tortugas
9/21: Return to Dulles
9/22: Blood work for chemo #7
9/23: Back to work
9/24: Chemo #7 (cycle 4, treatment 1), or I show up for chemo #7 and either get it, or get promounced in remission and sent home. This is based on the results of the scans

Now, if they stop chemo after #6 I will have radition. I have no idea how much, because that depends on the scans on the 15th and 16th. But I'm guessing about 3 to 4 weeks (15 to 20 treaments).

They could stop chemo after 3 cycles (6 treatments), or after 4 cycles (8 treatments), or they could continue on to 6 cycles (12 treatments). 3 or 4 mean radiation, 6 means no radiation.

So thats the update. And you now know everything except my flights and hotels. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I stalk you properly without knowing your flights and hotels?

I think I'll book new ones for you, that way I'll know where you are at all times...


7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to know that perhaps the end of this adventure is nearing. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. When you are in Key West go by the Hog's Breath Saloon. They have some great souviner tees,sweats and etc. A change of scenery and pace will certainly refresh your life. I know you certainly could stand a little of that. Do not miss the sunsets at Largo or Key West.Chomp down on some conch chowder and fritters. Throw back a couple of margaritas. Grab some local tunes. Cop a buzz. Kick back and do not tell us about it. I repeat DO NOT TELL US ABOUT IT. I for one do not want to hear about it. I still am busting my arse taking care of all the new business I was able to generate since I passed out all 1000 of those flyers with the "poo tea" receipe. Have fun! See ya! hicup

4:20 PM  

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