Sunday, September 12, 2004

Chemo #6

Well its the Sunday after my 6th and hopefully last chemo. Its 6:30 pm and I've been awake for about 5 hours total today. Completely unrelated to all the cancer crap, I have a sinus infection or a bad case of allergies or something. Hasn't been helping me feel better. So overall, its a very blech kind of weekend.

But the good news is it looks like Ivan is heading more west, so maybe the Keys will still be around when we go next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it kid. Keeping the faith may allow you to be one of the few on Key West. It actually looks like it may pass the keys and hit the panhandle. Just hope it doesn't do a direct hit on New Orleans-- a category 5 would wipe out the city or at least do a damn good imitation of it.


8:02 PM  
Blogger Naturegrrl said...

next week will be an excellent time to visit the keys. my mom is in destin right now and says that it's completely empty. while everyone is scared away little hopie gets to play. <3

8:27 PM  

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