Monday, August 30, 2004

The weirdest thing just happened

We sold the Ranger. YAY!!

But the really odd part. I posted it on craigslist last night b/c the HOA threatened to tow it for lack of registration. I said it was a 1991 Ford Ranger, 2WD with 150k miles on it. According to, the private party sale value is $959. But, we needed to get rid of it before it got towed. I clearly stated the inspection, both safety and emissions, were expired.

So a nice couple for Capitol Hill showed up to look at it tonight. They took it on a 45 minute test drive (we were joking that we hoped it hadn't broken down on them while they were out). They were interested and asked how much we wanted. Kyle said $500.

They said they wouldn't be fair to us, and handed him $1000 in CASH.

ummmm, did that really just happen? Yes, yes it did.

Granted, *if* the truck had been through inspection and passed, he would have wanted about $1000 for it. But, given a) it was a desperation sale and b) we can't guarantee it will pass inspection - he was going to let it go cheap just to get rid of it.

Nice folks, and we sure weren't going to argue with them.

But who DOUBLES the offer the seller makes?

I told Dad, he had me call up Jay, the banker, to verify that the money wasn't counterfiet. LOL

P.S. For the real reason you are reading this - this treatment was bad, really bad. I'm not completely back on my feet yet, although I perked up when Kyle made $1000, I better get a commision :) But I expierenced nasuea for the first time today (no puking though), and the horrible cranky blahs have lastest much longer than perviously. Its just generally been the worst one yet. Figures, since the pervious one was the best one yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No pain. No gain. I am sorry you are puny. I wish that instead you were taking aspirin for a cold. You are fighting a monster-sometimes you bite the monster and sometimes the monster bites you. Time heals. Endure. and all of that other b---s---.I know it does not help while it is happening but it does matter. Got to go. hiccup

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise about the truck! Good things happen to good people....sometimes. But, sorry to hear you are feeling so bad in this segment of your battle. You are a real warrior lady! We love you - BB

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news about the truck. I am so happy for you guys.

Sorry you are not feeling all that terrific. I hope you are feeling better soon! Dawn aka Seminole_Fan

11:33 AM  
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