Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Computer upgrade!

I just installed a new memory chip and video card in the computer. It is lightening fast now. I hesitate to tell Kyle its fixed.. he'll be gaming all night. I'm still letting out the occasional loud curse and banging just so he thinks I'm still working on it.

Today seems to be a good day. I've had a strange pain in my chest, just under my sternum for a few days. Its either mild heartburn or lung reaction to the bleomycim. Ug.. lung reactions mean steriods, and I don't want steriods. But, its really mild, just annoying, nothing more. So I'm going to try Zantex, and if its sticks around, I'll mention it when I see the doc next Tuesday. And, next Tuesday, or soon thereafter, I should know for sure if I'm in for 3, 4, or 6 cycles. Don't worry, I will let you all know as SOON as I know. Also, I'm going to discuss Alaska with the doc on Tuesday too.

Alrighty then... I'm off. I've going to surrender the computer to Kyle. He has been jonesing for computer games since we really busted the computer last weekend in an attempt to fix it. Poor guy hasn't even checked his email in 5 days. Wow... I could NOT handle that. I would be going CRAZY!!! I can bearly go the 8 hours I sleep without checking email.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What--You've always maintained to me that you did not know how to open up computor case--let alone put in new memory and fix a glitch. I think the real situation is that you just don't want to do some things when you're on vacation.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Ruby said...

Not true! I say I HATE to do it. I've replaced many a sound card or cd-rom drive for you. I hate doig it because it takes forever and rarely works the first time. You can ask Kyle, I was very cranky about having to do it and while doing it.

6:54 AM  

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