Monday, August 16, 2004

Another almost tolerable day

Today is a pretty good day too. Tired, as always, but mostly tolerable. Working from home definitely helps (thanks boss man!), cause I'm not worn out from the commute and such.

You know, I never mentioned the mouth sores. Why? Because when I heard the words "mouth sores" I thought "red, nasty, canker sores." So, it took me til the 4th treatment to mention to the nurse that I kept getting a really, really sore, tender tongue a couple days after. It only lasted about 24 hours, but was annoying. Since it was red or sore-looking, I didn't think about it. but the nurse said "yup, those are mouth sores." So she said to pick up Biotene mouthwash. I picked it up are Target on my way home Thursday and have been using it. It helps! I didn't have any sore tongue this time at all. woo hoo!!

Kyle's patented "Poo tea" concotion (Lousianne & Senna ice tea) seems to be working for the second treatment. This is good, because that was the most annoying, most long term side effet. But I seem to have that under control.

Before I go, I'd like to put in a fundraising plug. Two of my online buddies, Sahar and Beth, are participating the the Luekiemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training fundraising thingy. They are running a marathon on October to raise funds for Leukiemia and Lymphoma, including Hodgkin's. I've got links on this page. Over to the right, now down a little, scroll down a little more, yeah - right there, that white and purple logo! I would like to encourage you to donate to one (or both!) of them :) even $5 will help meet their fundraising goals. Its a great cause, and they both have me mentioned on their page. *blush* They rock!


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