Saturday, July 03, 2004


One word: Blech! Just feel run down and wanting to nap. But I'm bored and cranky and I already napped too much. The anti-puke meds work miricles. Yay for that! But anyway, today I just feel puny and cruddy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're doin great! Sounds to me like you're tracking pretty typically. BMB negative is absolutely great news. That's a big deal. Pursue staging! Don't know wtf is up with your crew but this is absolutely essential data. Second opinion is extremely wise. That too is mandatory in my book. Like to hear that your team is aggressively going after maintenance of white count. 8 barf pills/month may or may not be adequate. Most important thing is to pop one *at first sign* and you'll be fine. Worry later about who's payin for those dudes. See ya next week. Happy 4th....and remember, the off taste of beer will get better post chemo. the boss (not springsteen)

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