Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday Lunchtime Update

Apparently, it freaks people out if I don't post daily. Sorry for anyone who was worried yesterday.

I'm doing alright today. I've decided that Sundays is the worst post-treatment day. Yesterday consisted of my laying on the couch or the bed and being cranky. There was a minor not-so-plesant moment mid-afternoon with sweating and feeling like I was about to pass out. Not sure what that was, and it eventually went away. There is a possibility that it was a hot flash - yeah, like a menopause type hot flash due to the way chemo effects hormones and stuff. Or it could have been my hypothalymus pitching a fit b/c it doesn't like chemo either. Or it could have been my body wanting to be sick but the anti-sick meds keeping that from happening. Whatever it was, it sucked, but it passed. And that was probably the worst part of the treatment so far. So thats why I didn't post, I was too cranky to sit up and type on the computer.

My hair is thinning. It started about 24 hours after treatment. Its not noticiable or anything. Just if I run my fingers through my hair a bunch comes out. But its not falling out in chunks or anything. You can't tell by looking. You probably can tell my watching the trail of hair following me around the house.

I'nm working today (but I still get a lunch break!). Telecommuting rocks! I can work without getting extra tired from the commute. However, I could use an afternoon nap right about now. Last treatment I was off on Monday (and napped all afternoon), then only worked half a day Tuesday (again, napped all afternoon). So I'm thinking I might only have half days in me for the first work day or two after treatment. We'll see if I make it through the afternoon.

Thats it for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop running your fingers through your hair! ;-)

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed you have a link to Locks of Love -- are they using your hair you donated to make you a wig?

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hope,
This is Aunt Corrine ~ I just want you to know I have read all your daily reports with much interest! You are something else ~ teaching us much while reporting your progress. You have been in our prayers since we first heard about your illness and we're certainly in your corner ~ rooting for you each day!! I'm happy that the medications are helping with any side effects ~ they've come a long way with that!! I will continue to follow your progress!! Love to you and Kyle!!

9:25 PM  

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