Friday, July 02, 2004

Lesson for today

If you don't like what the first nurse tells you, try another nurse.

Yesterday, I was told no diet coke. ever. again. This morning, after my shot, the nurse asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said "Well, I'd like diet coke, but you won't give it to me." She said "Why not?" And I explained the other nurse told me I couldn't have it, then, said other nurse came running over to try to stop my from having my diet coke. I then got a lecture from her about how I will have to drink extra water to counteract the caffeiene, yada yada yada. After all that effort, it tasted like shit b/c of the funky taste in my mouth.

Yesterday, I tried to ask for staging, got nothing. So then I mentioned that I need to get copies of the pathology reports & PET films to take for the radiology oncologist consult. The nurse told me I had to call all the other doctors and go visit all their offices and pick it all up, b/c they didn't have my pathologies and such. I thought that was odd, why would they NOT have my path results?! Then, she told me when I got my path results, it would have the stage on it. I said "Thats odd, cause I've seen the biospy reports, and it didn't have anything." And she insisted it would be there. Funny... that biopsy was done before any staging.

Today, I noticed something from my ENT when the nurse was flipping through my chart. I mentioned to her that I needed copies of the path reports and it would save me a trip if she could just give them to me. So she pulled them out and made copies. Hereto refered to as bitchy nurse, came running over to stop nice nurse, b/c "She doesn't know her stanging, she doesn't know anything, we can't give her that stuff unless the doctor has discussed it with her, yada yada yada." I shot back that this stuff is 3 weeks old and it HAS been discussed with me. Nice nurse went to check with the doc, just in case, but gave the stuff to me.

is with these people?!? Doesn't HIPAA say I'm entitled to anything in my chart whenever I ask?! And why so much secrecy anyway?! I can't believe I started chemo and they haven't given me a stage, and want me to wait until August. Apparently, I'm not supposed to care about the results they keep getting back.

Oh, the one thing I did find out new - my bone marrow biopsy was officially negative. Shh! Don't tell bitchy nurse that "hadn't been discussed with me yet."


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