Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy 5th of July!!

I missed it yesterday. Opps!

Nothing new to report. Just more general fluy-feeling and fatigue. Too tired to do anything, but too rested to sleep. Blech! Anyway, last night, to get out of the house, we went for ice cream and fireworks. Found a little country club nearby that had a pretty decent show. About 20 minutes long, and as least as good as our hometown fireworks. We thought that was odd, but then, when you think about it, it doesn't surprise me at all that a fancy country club in NoVA would have more money that Oak Ridge, TN. LOL

My throat hurts this morning. Not sure what that is about. Maybe those "mouth sores" I keep hearing about in my throat?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 5th!! You are in my thoughts


10:02 PM  

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