Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Good day

Today was a relitively good day. I think I have bounced back faster this time than the first time. I attribute that to having my white counts at 16 before chemo. Granted, I'm still pretty tired and such, but overall I'm feeling pretty good. Looking forward to a full day of work tommorow! Well, as forward as anyone looks to a full day of work - LOL.

Apparently I am leaving piles of hair everywhere. I hadn't noticed, but Kyle, the clean freak, did. Opps! Its still not visiably thinning, but if you touch it you can tell. I think the vacuum is going to get a workout tommorow night. I'd do it tonight, but Kyle is napping on the couch downstairs. So I'll give him a break and let him sleep. (Kyle, are you reading? I would clean but I don't want to wake you! I sware!)

So far I've lost about 8 pounds. I'm perfectly OK with that, especially since I'm not watching my food intake at all. Unfortunatly, my doc won't be so happy. He told me to keep my weight up. I figure I had an extra 30 pounds anyway. I tell ya, the oncologist is the first doctor every to say "you are at a nice healthy weight."

other random thoughts for the day...
- Kyle is an excellent napper
- DEET and plants don't get along. I think I killed one of my periwinkle spraying Off.
- I think I am shedding more than the cats
- I turn 30 in 2 days
- I miss Meegan!
- Someone asked about Locks of Love. I donated 12" of hair to them in June of last year. I was close to donating again when I chopped it all off, but I only had 7" to chop, and they need a minimum of 10". Its a great cause though! I have several friends that have donated too.
- Something messed up my side border. Now all the stuff on the side is way at the bottom. I wonder what happened. Might be the quote in Saturday's post. Thats very annoying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh to be 30 again. Us old f...s feel no sympathy at all for 30 year olds.

2:12 PM  

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