Sunday, July 11, 2004

Fun times yesterday!

Kyle and I decided to get out of the house and away for a bit, so we made a day trip to Charles Town Racetrack to hit the slots and watch the horses. The slots there appear to have a terrible payout. In Atlantic City its easy to at least break even on slots, but Kyle and I lost everything, and quickly. Very, very annoying. It would have at least been tollerable if we got to play for awhile, but no... oh well.

The horse racing was really cool, even though we had not a clue what we were doing. At first we tried to read the program and figure out what everything meant, we figured out some of it, but I ended up putting money on horses cause I liked the jockey's name or the colors. It worked somewhat. I bet on 5 horses, $5 to show on each. I won 2 of them. This would have been decently cool if we could figure out how the payout worked. From reading the scoreboard "payoff" column for a show bet, I should have walked out with $35 ($10 more than the $25 I put in... not too bad). But, for some reason they gave me exactly half - $17.50. Kyle's one win payed exactly half of what we exepcted too. Being so new, and in shocked, it didn't even occur to us to ask at the window. But then later we thought we should have. Oh well. The best I can figure is that the state kept half?

So even though we did pretty poorly financially, it was a fun afternoon and evening. Watching the horses was really cool, we were outside, right next to the track, and it was a very nice evening. Kyle and I were amazed at the people there. The stereotype of horsetracks is that they draw a sketchy shady crowd. But there were families there. Seriously, tons of kids running around. And lots of well dressed folks too. Not the West Virginia rednecks I was expecting (although they were there, but the minority of the crowd).

I was very good and used my antibacterial hand gel after the slots :-) I didn't get tired until the very end when we were walking around and then out to the car. My calf cramped up again *sigh*


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