Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chemo #2

Its over with. 
I got there around 1:15, left a little after 4, just in time for I-395 rush hour.  Joy!  Anyway, so far I am feeling fine.  Yay!  I did a little shopping on my way home.  Needed to run a couple errands, and this weekend I will likely feel like poo.  So I figured I take car of it now.
Kyle's fixing me dinner, then we are going grocery shopping.  Oh wait, he says "Whats this WE stuff?!"  So I will correct that to say "I will make a list of stuff I want, and he will go buy it."  *giggle*  He takes such good care of me!
I had a new nurse today.  Nurse Bitch was out this week, so they brough another nurse in from one of the other offices in the practice (they have 6 offices around NoVA).  She was really nice.  I wish they would transfer her permanently.  She was a year or two younger than Kyle, so it was nice to have someone about my age.  And how do I know she is a year or so younger than Kyle?  She is from Huntsville, AL and went to Randolf for a few years.  Her father was the French teacher there during the 80s.  So, we got to talking and determined that she was probably at Randolf with Kyle, but a year younger, so they didn't know each other.  How weird is that?!  Small world, eh?


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